HNJ Solutions, Inc. provides factory automation solutions, specializing in vision systems.  For example, we can inspect up to 1200 units per minute, depending on the vision system and application chosen by the customer.

HNJ has over 25 years of cumulative engineering and industrial automation experience.  From concept to completion, HNJ offers services that suit your needs, ranging from application consulting to full solution creation and integration.  With unbiased advice, we are the leading vendor-independent company offering a range of smart camera and automation technologies available for your manufacturing needs.

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ACI Series

Automated Product Inspection

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Protecting Manufacturing Molding Machines

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Calibrate & Verify Machine Vision

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“Expert and timely advice.”

Ryan Waters, repeat customer, Trinity Automation

“Very knowledgeable and resourceful in automation controls.” 

George Liao, Iris Diagnostics

“Provided me with multiple solutions for my applications involving vision systems. An all in one solution for my customers.”

Douglas Pittard, Sales Engineer, Keyence
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Here are some of the vendors we work with:

Here are a few examples of customers we’ve worked with:

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. We offer a range of products and services to suit your inspection and automation needs.

-The Team at HNJ Solutions, Inc.


HNJ Solutions, Inc. is a member of the AIA – The World’s Largest Machine Vision Trade Association.