Expert Prototyping for Automated Product Inspection

HNJ Solutions, Inc. possesses expert-level prototyping expertise to build your automated product inspection system.

We build customized prototypes. With a focus on your application needs, we look toward initial testing and development to prototype a solution for your factory inspection application. Working with you and/or your team, we’ll build to your application needs to develop a working prototype.

This gets us closer to your automation goals.

From our experience, we recommend three steps to achieve the best prototype outcome:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Vendor Selection
  3. Prototyping
  4. Development
  5. Production
  6. Maintenance / Support

We can take your project beyond initial concept through proof of concept and final implementation.

Initial Consultation

Generally, we provide an initial consultation as the first step. This lets us immerse in your production environment, to better understand the nuances of your production line and the challenges of your inspection application.

We’ve implemented many improvements to existing production lines. If needed, we can build solutions from scratch. Or, we can work on existing applications — as we’re comfortable in live production as well as testing environments.

After the consult, we’ll understand the scope and can make better recommendations.

Vendor Selection

Following the initial consultation, we can offer vendor selection services as a next step. This is appropriate when the technology path is not fully determined, when competing technologies exist, or when specific testing is needed to determine best-fit technologies for a specific customer’s prototyping specifications.

Since we offer unbiased advice, we do not automatically recommend a specific vendor. The technologies to be used can vary widely, with many different pros and cons for smart cameras, robots, etc. Therefore, when you select HNJ for the task of selecting vendors for your application, we draw on our experience with many different tools and technologies. Ultimately, we intend to provide the best unbiased advice for your application.

The chosen vendor(s) help inform the next step:


Next, we’ll prototype a solution. At this critical stage of early development, this is where your intended application is put to the test. Using what we learned (in the initial consultation and vendor selection), we’ll build a customized prototype. To achieve this, we draw on our expertise in vision systems and automation, our ability to implement various tools and technologies from experience, and apply these technologies where appropriate.

Here is an example of an early-stage prototype system, below.

The prototype above features a new design with new parts installed on a preexisting production line, which enabled smart camera inspection on an automated basis.

More select examples can be found in our industrial applications.