We offer several product lines: ACI Series :: Automated Product Inspection, Shield Series :: Mold Protection Systems, Cal-Card Series :: Calibration Cards Systems, H-PS Series :: Program Selectors, and various third party Smart Camera products.

ACI Series :: Automated Product Inspection

What does it do?  The ACI checks for defects on a per-unit basis. This is accomplished by automatically inspecting products for “pass or fail” criteria using smart camera machine vision systems. ACI Systems pick and place units from the production line into physical output zones based on whether they pass or fail. Our Nth Series ACI is the top-tier product line, which uses deep learning to improve pass/fail inspections.

The Benefits:  ACIs dramatically reduce the time required to verify physical product condition. This helps achieve higher quality throughput of verified systems to the next phase of testing or pack out. All with greater consistency.

What Next?  Ask about our products and what might suit your needs. Our team can help create a right-fit solution for your needs using any of our products.


SHIELD Series :: Protect Your Molding Machines

What does it do?  The SHIELD is the industry-leading protection system for mold machines. It’s an integrated smart camera system designed to protect your mold machine from damage. If it detects a problem, the SHIELD will stop the machine to prevent damage to the mold and alert your operating staff to clear any issues to resume production faster.

The SHIELD MPS offers auto-focus routines for easy setup, and touch-screen program functions.

The Benefits: The SHIELD series is a compact, easy to understand mold protection system that uses the latest smart camera technology. This system is the best choice for today’s plastic injection company looking to get maximum runtime out of their molds. Hard mount, pedestal, and enclosed cart versions available.

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CAL-CARD Series :: Keep Your Vision System Calibrated

What does it do?  CAL-CARD products re-align your HNJ system to an “ideal” standard because inspection conditions gradually change over time in our experience. As a result, we recommend maintenance to re-calibrate defect inspections, given periodically changing conditions.

The Benefits: The CAL-CARD line offers customers the opportunity to take full ownership with a gold standard to recalibrate their HNJ smart camera inspection systems, and more importantly, help maintain quality checking over time. In addition, we develop customized CAL-CARD solutions to permit more optimal calibration to better address customer needs per each inspection configuration.

We’re happy to help customers take full ownership of their machines, and offer to assist customers with support and maintenance of their HNJ systems as well as training.


H-PS Series :: Program Selector

What does it do?  The H-PS program selector is an easy-to-use switch box. It lets you switch views, to see each inspection programs one at a time.

The Benefits: The H-PS allows you to switch program views without having to use programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which can be cumbersome and time-consuming.


Jumbo Dice Launcher :: Promo Product

Don’t trust your processes to chance.

The Jumbo Dice Launcher is a customized one-off demo product to promote HNJ at the ATX West 2018 trade show.

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