Semiconductor: PCB Inspection Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

HNJ offers PCB scanning solutions for 2D and 3D circuit boards.

  • High-speed, reliable camera inspections
  • Consistent for pre-shipment picking and pre-pack sorting
  • Enhanced fulfillment capabilities

2D PCB Inspection

HNJ’s scanning solutions for printed circuit boards helps you rapidly capture irregularities, defects, broken connections, and the like.  HNJ can help you leverage third party camera technologies suited to your specific needs.  Our solutions are designed to help your manufacturing process achieve an automated ability to rapidly determine pass/fail conditions for PCBs.

HNJ can apply deep learning algorithms to improve pass/fail inspection quality over time.

HNJ’s Cal-Card calibration card system provides highly effective calibration of these systems when they fail.

3D PCB Inspection

Visit our 3D circuit board inspection solutions page to learn more about our 3D offerings.

Contact us to learn more about how HNJ can design a customized automated solution for your inspection needs.

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