Medical Product Inspection

Tray-Based Medical Product Inspection

HNJ Solutions, Inc. provides medical product inspection solutions.

The Problem:

In this application, our customer had to catch missing or incorrect parts. It was a difficult challenge, since those parts requiring inspection were inside a sealed medical pack. Proper inspection was extremely critical because the medical packs were used in surgical rooms. This application was particularly challenging, requiring inspections for both weight and visual defects.

HNJ Solution:

After analyzing the problem, HNJ developed a comprehensive weight and visual inspection system. To maximize the use of the customer’s space, the solution was also consolidated into a single machine. As the solution inspected for missing or incorrect parts, we were also able to give an overall inspection result based on both weight and visual inspection results.

Retrofit Line Scan Inspection

The Problem:

Our customer needed to check for incorrectly sized medicine on transdermal patches. This was challenging because some problem conditions were harder to detect than others. For example, if the medicine itself wasn’t evenly dispersed across the tacky patch surface, too much or too little dosing of the medicine could result. This required a very detailed and nuanced solution.

HNJ Solution:

We analyzed the issues and built the solution to detect stains and other physical defects in the customer’s transdermal patch products.

Beyond QC, we refined the patch inspection further. Our solution inspected each patch for the proper cut-out shape and for the correct size. Then, once the transdermal patches were in their foil packs and sealed, HNJ’s Solution inspected the final pack for a proper crimped seal.

The Right Experience

HNJ has developed inspection solutions for medical products in clean room environments. We have worked with ISO-certified medical manufacturers. We are experienced working in sealed and controlled room environments. We take pride in our ability to deliver solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

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