ID Tracking 2D Data Matrix and 1D Bar Code Systems

The Problem:

ID tracking issues are common with flexible products. Customers often use 2D data matrix codes, but there can be issues when the code is on a pliable product.

In one application, a 2D data matrix label used for ID tracking was affixed on each product, but was unable to be checked because the product medium itself was pliable and movable. As the product (and its 2D data matrix) moved down the production line, the product moved unpredictably.  This made automated quality checking extremely difficult, because the product was not still enough to allow sensors to check the product consistently. Naturally this made ID tracking of each product unit also very challenging.

HNJ Solution:

HNJ Solutions, Inc. developed a solution to help ensure quality tracking. This was implemented for the client’s product units moving down the production line.

To solve the ID tracking problem, we developed a unique stabilization method and verification system for 2D matrix labeling.

We can also apply these quality verification techniques to 1D bar code systems.

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Benefits of ID Tracking

Using tracking labels with unique IDs helps clients verify and create records. This can also help in the event a customer needs to issue a product recall.

Benefits of ID Tracking & Imaging

Using ID Tracking With Imaging can store images historically. This allows customers to potentially go back in time to audit what happened. HNJ Solutions can help customers track the initial receipt of a third party component, or in other cases a returned item or an old product that needs to be refurbished.

HNJ can apply our solutions to scan in and archive images.

By having HNJ’s quality control systems in place, this can increase reliability and accountability in your production line.

Benefits of Data Matrix Codes

  • Data Matrix Codes offer redundant data–so even damaged codes are still readable.
  • Information can be coded into a much smaller size, smaller than traditional 1D bar codes.
  • The coded matrix is not human-readable.
  • It’s optically scannable in any orientation: readable in 360 degrees.
  • DM Codes can be accompanied with human-readable characters for non-proprietary information.

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