Food Packaging / Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Automation

Food-Grade Camera Solution Prevents Packaging Errors

HNJ assists customers with automated inspection before packaging.

The Problem:

Mixed stock; lithography machine creates different product packaging. Food products are boxed at the end of the production line, and a process was needed to help ensure that the right food product is in the right box.

HNJ Solution:

To address improper mixing of products, our solution included pattern matching with a high-speed smart camera. A HNJ Solutions, Inc. consultant developed an easy-to-use GUI for quick product changeover.

Food (Dough) Counting Video

Here is a video showing one of HNJ’s food counting applications. This automated product inspection system checks dough as it quickly moves down the production line. The dough is randomly oriented on the conveyor line, so HNJ developed smart camera programming to detect and recognize each dough and count them on the line. When the desired number of dough units is reached, the gate is triggered — anticipating where the dough is about to pass through — and prevents unwanted dough units from passing through. This prevents too many units from going through.

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