Beverage Inspection Solutions – Bottles, Containers, Labels, and Packaged Boxed Units

Beverage Inspection Solutions (BIS)

Inspect, Pass or Fail.

Building customized beverage inspection solutions (BIS) is one of our core competencies. HNJ has developed many beverage inspection systems, including pre-inspection handling systems. Our BIS inspect glass and plastic–and even the labels on the containers. We bring deep and broad experience in this area.

Also, our BIS inspect transparent and opaque containers which impact smart camera imaging requirements. Such nuances are critical, as they impact smartcam inspections. Managing these issues is part of our skill set, built on years of experience.

The off-centered hardened circle is the incorrect result we designed the HNJ Solution to inspect and reject. This is a real example of an incorrect production unit that HNJ Solutions was able to detect and reject.

With very high speed capabilities, HNJ can inspect up to 1200 units per minute, depending on the vision system and type of application chosen.

The Problem:

Deformations in plastic bottles require quick, consistent inspection. Our client needed a consistent way to quickly check for defects on the production line. As a result, HNJ analyzed the issues and built a complete solution, using smart camera technology.

HNJ smart camera solutions are installed on the production line.

HNJ Solution:

We designed, fabricated, and integrated a 360-degree view of each bottle. With our customized system, we enabled our client to inspect the threaded area on the neck of each bottle as it moved down the production line. In doing so, 360 views found miniscule defects, dark matter, contaminants, and other irregularities. As a result, the HNJ Solution detected questionable bottles and automatically rejected them right off the production line into a “bad” output area.

Wine Bottle Inspection:

Above, HNJ developed a wine bottle inspection system. This shows the input area on the conveyor line. HNJ’s solution provides on-site feedback for pass/fail inspection

Also, HNJ makes a variety of solutions for gathering and handling, as well as counting. HNJ’s pre-sorting systems can be used before or after inspection via smart cameras.

Wine Crate Inspection – Packaged Beverages:

Above, HNJ installed its solution in production. In this example, HNJ was able to inspect top-down bottles for defects, prior to final pack out. The earlier example covers individual bottle QC; and this solution inspects multiple units in a package.

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