Semiconductor: 3D Circuit Board Inspection Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

3D Circuit Board Inspection Solutions

HNJ developed highly effective 3D circuit board inspection solutions.

The Problem:

Many circuit boards aren’t flat. They typically have raised portions. And the raised portions block the view needed to inspect quality each time. 2D cameras can’t see past the raised portions. We had to move beyond 2D, which let too many defects slip through–unacceptably. After analyzing the issue, HNJ solved the problem.

HNJ Solution:

To spot defects beyond the limited capabilities of 2D cameras, HNJ developed a comprehensive 3D circuit board inspection solution. Using 3D image mapping, our analysis capability used multiple angles to create and stitch together a 3D image map. As a result, the image map uses a gradient for height variance. That map compares baseline data for each board inspection. In addition, a human-readable image of the map is generated. The visual map offers feedback on the shop floor–useful for operations. The computer-generated image also helps HNJ in the initial prototyping stage, through development and programming–all designed to enhance the quality of your 3D circuit board inspection solution. Putting it all together, HNJ enables far more consistent quality at a more rapid pace.

HNJ’s Circuit Board Inspection (CBI) solutions check for various defects such as:

  • Poor circuit connections
  • Faulty configurations
  • Incorrect wiring conditions
  • Foreign objects
  • Other irregularities on the circuit board

HNJ also offers traditional 2D inspection systems which may be suitable for inspections that do not require stringent 3D mapping.

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