Customize Production Inspection with HNJ’s Smart Camera and Industrial Automation Solutions

HNJ Solutions, Inc. develops, implements and supports smart camera solutions across a wide range of industries. We are experienced with stringent inspection requirements for high-profile consumer brands and pure industrial applications. Select examples:


HNJ has developed numerous smart camera inspection solutions for beverages. This includes:

  • plastic bottles and containers
  • aluminum cans
  • glass bottles
  • uniquely-shaped beverage containers

HNJ has implemented inspection systems to quality check various beverage products, such as: branded bottled water, curated sports drinks, and wine.

HNJ has developed numerous types of systems to check bottles and containers on rapidly-moving production lines.

Our solutions have helped customers inspect for many different types of container defects, such as:

  • lip damage
  • discoloration
  • warping
  • cracks
  • clarity flaws
  • improper capping
  • container shape
  • finishing detail on the container
  • label placement
  • label orientation

…to name a few.


HNJ created custom-built automated high-speed inspection systems for automotive part manufacturers. Our systems are able to integrate with other processes through production outputs into new inputs or can be used for pre-fulfillment defect checking of products in a mass-manufacturing environment.

FOOD PACKAGING and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

HNJ developed several custom-built automated inspection systems for the food and CPG industries in high-speed environment. We develop unique inspection solutions to target a variety of different defects. For example, our experience and capabilities includes:

  • Inspecting packages prior to packaging.
  • Inspecting the products and raw materials prior to packaging.
  • High-speed product unit counting.
  • Sorting into per-package batches based on units counted at high speeds e.g. ten at a time on a very fast-moving production line. The HNJ Solution stopped products that were not within the correct product count. Our solution held overfill products until the next batch, to help reduce or eliminate package over- or under-filling.
  • Handling odd position of incoming product units on the incoming production line.


HNJ developed custom-built automated unique ID inspection solutions for medical products in clean room environments. HNJ has worked with ISO-certified medical manufacturers and is experienced in assessing products in sealed and controlled room environments.


HNJ developed numerous systems to visually inspect custom-built metal parts mass-manufactured at high speeds. HNJ has also developed and product-ized some of its solutions designed to check for small defects in metal parts that may be undetectable to the human eye.


HNJ developed 3D and 2D automated scanning and smart camera inspection solutions. Similar to medical clean-rooms, HNJ consultants are experienced with unique and highly detailed machine vision inspection challenges unique to the semiconductor industry beyond human capability.