About Us


HNJ Solutions, Inc. possesses cumulative knowledge of over 35 years of industrial engineering experience. HNJ is a leading edge innovator in machine vision, with a keen eye for building highly-customized factory automation solutions that are tailored for our customers.

Vision Statement

To create the best machine vision automation solutions that maximize quality production through best-in-class factory automation and thereby enable customers to gain a competitive advantage in factory production capabilities.

Mission Statement

HNJ’s mission is to work with each customer to build and grow capabilities in the factory, integrate competent quality inspection and routing of outputs throughout the supply chain with the goal of providing the best in automated product inspection systems. We aim to provide our customers with:

  • superior smart camera and automation support,
  • vendor-independent technology solutions,
  • technological innovations that enhance our customers’ quality and competitive edge,
  • enhance time-to-market for mass manufactured products and to enhance capabilities to fulfill large orders,
  • increase quality throughput of each product on the inspection line,
  • enable closed loop recycling of rejected parts,
  • provide quality reference documentation for the solutions we build,
  • enhance information tracking and auditing, and
  • improve cost control on a per-unit production basis.

How We Document

Meticulous standards make a difference.  We follow them because we know it builds value for our customers.

That’s why we take the time and care to develop your solution, document it, and provide a schematic that applies to your solution that we can refer to later on. For select customers that are working with us, we are happy to provide you with a copy.