Vision Systems and Industrial Automation Solutions

Vision Systems and Industrial Automation Solutions 2017-10-12T16:42:24+00:00

With over 25 years of cumulative vision systems, engineering and industrial automation experience, HNJ Solutions, Inc. is the leading smart camera solutions provider.  Our solutions have assisted customers in a wide range of industries, each having unique needs.  Each time, we are ready to tackle the technical challenges and provide effective means to help solve your manufacturing production quality problems.

HNJ Solutions, Inc. leverages best-in-class vision system and automation technologies to provide custom-built solutions suited to customer requirements.

HNJ Solutions, Inc. provides custom robotics programming and hardware, offering customer support and routine maintenance services.

HNJ Solutions, Inc. leverages world-class expertise in machine vision and automation to assist customers in mass manufacturing. This entails inspecting physical products rapidly using smart cameras and automation.  Much of our work has matured from one-off projects into repeatable product offerings. Yet our roots are in solutions development and implementation — to address unique customer manufacturing needs.  This is a significant part of our role working with customers.

HNJ Solutions, Inc. has the talent, creativity, technical skills and experience to address virtually any manner of shop floor challenges.  We work with customers through its unique insights focused on customers’ production needs. We help customers identify opportunities on the shop floor to enhance quality inspection processes, and assist customers to address defect tracking and product rejection that can help facilitate greater quality in fulfillment. Our solutions are designed to ultimately enhance quality and satisfaction with end users based on customers’ product design and inspection.