ACI : Automated Cosmetic Inspection by HNJ

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ACI – Automated Cosmetic Inspection

HNJ’s ACI is a game changer in automated product inspection.

Our ACIs use automated vision systems to inspect products on the production line automatically.  They are analyzed for “pass or fail” criteria, and provide with deep learning capabilities.  This can dramatically reduce the time needed to verify physical product condition. This also allows for higher quality and greater consistency output.  Utilize our ACIs to verify products into the next phase of testing or pack out.

The ACI is HNJ’s group of products that provide defect inspection in three packaged tiers you can select from:

  • Nth Series
  • Hightower
  • V-Station

ACI: Nth Series (Top Tier)

Automated Inspection With Deep Learning

The Nth Series model is HNJ’s flagship product , and represents the culmination of over 25 years of vision systems, engineering and automation inspection expertise. HNJ is continually making improvements to its products.

What does it do?

With the Nth Series, products can be automatically brought down the line, or manually loaded by operators for machine-assisted inspection on-demand.  Automated processes using the ACI’s initial recognition can pick up the product for inspection and conduct multiple inspections from different sides or angles.  The final result is a summary of all inspections–giving a pass or fail outcome for each particular unit. HNJ’s Nth Series ACI can utilize deep learning algorithms to capitalize on defect detection scenarios that can be learned over time by machine automation. HNJ ACIs can communicate with shop floor systems and ERP systems. The Nth Series can detect the defects that can be more difficult for traditional machine vision can find.

The Benefits

HNJ’s Nth Series embodies leading automation at its finest by combining deep learning to maximize defect detection scenarios and to improve inspection quality over time, in line with continuous improvement through machine vision and machine learning.


ACI: Hightower Series (2nd Tier Product Line): Automated Inspection

What does it do? 

HNJ’s Hightower Series offers customers sophisticated packaged automation functionality, including: picking from the conveyor line (trays optional), inspecting the product from multiple angles, and the capability to sort the product into pass/fail locations based on the outcome of overall product inspection on a per-unit basis.  The Hightower offers the ability to automatically inspect products for defect on products, which can then be deemed good or bad–i.e., they pass or fail.  One main difference: the Hightower, unlike the Nth Series line, lacks the deep learning capability of the Nth Series product line and is therefore more limited in terms of predefined tool specifications. The Hightower and Nth Series products are also capable of product serial number or unique identifier tracking.


  • HNJ ACI, Hightower 1R: one robotic arm inside the unit, with one continuous conveyor line going in and out. You have the option of selecting the dual version of this product as the Hightower 1R-D: one robotic arm inside the unit, with one continuous conveyor line going in and out, providing a double-sized unit each with its own robotic arm, side by side for more processing volume.
  • HNJ ACI, Hightower 2R: two robotic arms inside the unit, with one continuous conveyor line going in and out. The products are given designated positional indicators to differentiate pass or fail, but are on the same conveyor line after inspection.  Hightower 2R-D will double the volume of the Hightower 2R with a dual installation to doubly increase processing capacity.
  • HNJ ACI, Hightower XR: two robotic arms inside the unit, with one conveyor line going in, and two conveyor lines going out, one for “pass” inspection conditions and one for “fail” conditions to sort out the bad products–two different conveyor lines. Like the other versions, Hightower XR-D is a dual side-by-side version of the Hightower XR.

The Benefits:

The Hightower Series is the industry leading defect inspection system from HNJ Solutions, Inc.  The Hightower Series utilizes a combination of robotic automation and smart camera inspection to bridge raw or un-inspected units with more consistent, higher-quality product disposition prior to order fulfillment. The Hightower ACI products can manipulate each inspected unit through robotics, rotating and turning it during smart camera inspections, to make more consistent quality determinations of pass/fail disposition of products without operators.

HNJ can also provide custom solutions to augment the Hightower Series product to suit customer needs.


ACI: V-Station (Baseline Series): Check-In and Check-Out Image Automation

What does it do?

The V-Station automatically takes your product’s “before” and “after” images using robotic handling and automated camera imaging. It’s a system designed to help humans who are there to load the object for image archiving.

How it’s used:

Open the door, place the object, and the V-Station‘s internal robot will automatically pick up the object and take pictures–the initial set of images or the “before” photos.  After the V-Station is done with its series of photos of the product from the various angles it’s programmed to take, then you can open the door, remove the object, and do further activity (such as repair) on the object, then place it back in for the second set of images–the “after” photos.  Note that the other automation solutions Hightower and Nth Series can both be Both sets of photos can be correlated into one task and tracked or referenced by a customer for later use.  For example: the V-Station can provide refurbishment image tracking in the event a customer complains their cell phone isn’t working after it gets fixed.

The Benefits:

HNJ’s V-Station provides auditing images at two points in time.  The images of the “before” photos are standardized to give the same angle of photograph of the product when initially taken, and then later after repair and refurbishment is done.  The V-Station provides assisted automation, instead of full automation.  A human operator can load the product and retreive it, but the images stored by the standardized taking of the photos from all sides will remain far more consistent than a human attempting to take handheld photos in a similar way.  The V-Station can be joined with other processes through HNJ’s custom-built solutions to fit your inspection and automation needs.



  • All-in-one integrated design for use anywhere on a production floor.
  • Powerful integrated camera system with programmed templates for cosmetic defect detection by specific type of reject code.
  • Easy-to-use integrated robot options — collaborative or industrial — for precise control of box handling.
  • Full six-sided standard inspection, with optional integrated “Door Open Assist” hardware when “Press To Open” doors are present.
  • Industrial PC onboard with large touchscreen HMI panel for operator feedback and camera system interaction.
  • Communicates directly with shop floor systems to verify entry and exit status of products with resulting inspection codes.
  • Internal storage of performance data and inspection images for up to 3 months. Cloud storage options are available.
  • Standard ACI handles box sizes up to 19”(48cm) x 13”(33cm) x 5”(13cm).
  • Training classes and on-site tech support available.