Type of application
ID Tracking: 2D Data Matrix

A two dimensional (2D) data matrix label was affixed on each product but was unable to be checked because the product medium itself was pliable and movable. As the product (and its 2D data matrix) moved down the production line, the product moved unpredictably, making automated quality checking extremely difficult because the product was not still enough to enable sensors to check the product. This made it difficult to inspect the matrix label on each product.

HNJ Solution
HNJ Solutions, Inc. developed a stabilization method and verification system for 2D matrix labeling to help ensure quality tracking for client's products moving down the production line. We can also apply these quality verification techniques to 1D bar code systems.

HNJ ID Tracking
Using tracking labels helps clients issue product recalls in the event of a known defect. By having HNJ Solutions, Inc.'s quality control systems in place, these solutions can help increase reliability in production.

Benefits of Data Matrix Codes

  • with redundant data, damaged codes can still be readable
  • much more information in small size, smaller than traditional 1D bar codes
  • not human-readable
  • optically readable in any orientation: 360 degrees
  • can be accompanied with human-readable characters for non-proprietary information

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